Sparkling Spring Water
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Sparkling Spring Water

Sourced in the hills of Northumberland our Spring Water takes over 150 years to slowly filter through rock and mineral strata acquiring its pure quality and fine taste. Our sparkling Spring Water has the finest tasting champagne-like bubbles.


Spring Water, Carbon Dioxide

Typical Analysis (mg/l):
Calcium 80, Magnesium 34, Potassium 4.5, Sodium 18, Bicarbonate 400, Chloride 11, Suplhate 39, Nitrate (as NO3) <1.0, Dry Residue at 180C 390, pH (at source) 7.3.


Sparkling Spring Water

Sparkling Spring Water

24 x 330ml

Package Configurations

300ml cans
330ml glass
750ml glass
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