Why do you use natural flavours?

Quality and consistency. When you open an Marlish, it should taste and smell the same every time, and natural flavours help make that happen. 

What are natural flavours?

Our natural flavours are oils, essence and extracts from natural sources, such as fruit, plants or vegetables.

I would like to purchase directly from Marlish, how do I go about this? 

Marlish products are only available to purchase through wholesale and retail channels. If you would like to explore options to become a wholesaler, please drop us an email to speak with a member of our team. 

Is aluminium production energy intensive?

Primary aluminium production is a very expensive and energy intensive smelting process. However the majority of the UK’s aluminium is manufactured in Scandinavia using hydroelectric power and 75% of primary aluminium every produced is still in production today. Making aluminium from recycled content is far cheaper than producing primary aluminium, saving 95% of the required energy and producing 97% less emissions on average.

Why use aluminium cans?

  • Cans keep our amazing products fresher for longer.
  • Cans chill quicker.
  • Cans are lightweight and easier to transport than glass.
  • 97% of the UK’s aluminium packaging is recycled in the UK or Europe.
  • There is value through every stage of the aluminium recycling process.
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